Risk Of Rain Creators Release A Death-Filled Trailer For Deadbolt


The next game from Hopoo Games, better known as the creators of Risk of Rain, is coming out this year for PC. It’s called Deadbolt and it’s a gory, 2D stealth-action game.


You play as the reaper who is out to quell a recent undead uprising. Apparently, you’ll be given over 30 missions to complete by a mysterious fireplace, taking out over 35 enemy types from zombies to vampires to bosses.


While there are over 30 different weapons to try out, ranging from a traditional reaper’s scythe to an automatic grenade launcher, the reaper can only ever take one shot. So if you’re not careful you’ll die very quickly and have to restart the mission.


Given the fragility of the reaper, you’ll want to experiment with how you approach each mission: either you can sneak around, go in loud, or try a variation of both. The level layouts and multi-objective structures encourage you to do this.


Deadbolt also has a dynamic gore system so that the specific way you dish out damage against enemies is satisfyingly displayed across walls and floors. You can look out for the game’s arrival on Steam.

Chris Priestman