RN Vincenzo Gioberti Completes Azur Lane Empyreal Rerun Roster

Azur Lane - RN Vincenzo Gioberti

The full character list of Azur Lane‘s “Empyreal Tragicomedy” rerun was revealed by a maintenance note published at the Japanese client on January 19, 2021. As a new name spotted in the Azur Lane roster, RN Vincenzo Gioberti will have an Elite rarity with a 2.5% pickup rate in the limited construction pool. Her character design was first published on the Chinese client’s Weibo account. [Thanks, Ratto!]

In history, RN Vincenzo Gioberti was a destroyer from the Oriani class. This class preceded the Soldati-class destroyers, which RN Carabiniere—one of the first Italian shipgirls added to Azur Lane—was part of. Her last sortie was on August 9, 1943, when she and Carabiniere escorted the VIII Division led by the cruiser RN Giuseppe Garibaldi. The fleet was spotted by the British submarine HMS Simoom, which launched torpedoes originally intended towards the flagship; the torpedoes missed their target and instead sunk Vincenzo Gioberti, which got hit due to her poor maneuver.

Azur Lane usually has two new shipgirls added through an event rerun. The other shipgirl confirmed to be added here is RN Pola, who broke tradition for being the first event NPC to be made available in the rerun rather than a newer event. Battleship Vittorio Veneto, the supreme commander of the Italy-inspired Sardegna Empire, is still yet to become obtainable as of this rerun construction pool.

The Android and iOS mobile game Azur Lane will re-run the “Empyreal Tragicomedy” event from January 21 to February 4, 2021. Clearing the event stages will also reward points to unlock the Pizza Hut collaboration content, but the latter will be only available until January 25, 2021.

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