Robocraft Gets 1 Versus 20 Boss Battles, New Fearsome Scorpion Robots



Freejam has rolled out the biggest update yet to its free-to-play tactical robot-building MMO shooter Robocraft.


Named the “Rise of the Walkers” update, it adds “Walker Legs” to the mechanical parts you can build your deadly robot with once you reach Tier 7. They allow your robot to scuttle around and cling on to surfaces at any angle, as well as jump and crouch, as the video demonstrates above with the Scorpion robot.


Also unlocked at Tier 7 are Boss Battles. These are 1v20 battles, with a single player acting as the large, high-tier boss robot against 20 lower tier players. You’re able to now form Boss Platoons specifically for the task of taking on bosses. The battles play as others do in Robocraft except the Boss is tasked with defending an area in the middle of the map.


There’s also a new weapon unlocked at Tier 6 called the Nano Disruptor. It’s a short-range weapon that has two functions: healing allies and damaging enemies. There are also two new roboshop robots available with this update – a Tier 7 Scorpion (the one at the start of the video), and a Tier 5 Medic.


You can play the alpha version of Robocraft right now for free by registering for an account on the game’s website.

Chris Priestman