Robotic Gladiators Tag-Team Battle In Ultimate Robot Fighting



    Reliance Games’ Ultimate Robot Fighting is currenty bashing its steel biceps against iOS devices. The game released yesterday, and will also be coming to Android on December 18th.


    It’s a free-to-play single player tag-team 3v3 fighting game featuring cel-shaded art, and – yes, you guessed it – gladiatorial robots. In fact, it has 45 deadly battling machines including gods, gladiators, fire breathing dragons, monks, and samurai, ninjas; across which are dozens of fighting styles for you to get to grips with.


    You can see a few of these in action in the video above. I particularly like the robot using a giant hammer to hit a cannon that then fires what is presumably a cannon ball into the face of its opponent.



    You collect these robots through a collectible card system that you can also see in the video. You earn these cards, which correspond to the fighting robots, by working your way through the game’s 250 challenges, which includes boss fights. There are also power cards that are used to increase damage and armor, and to upgrade characters and specials.


    As it’s on touchscreen devices, Ultimate Robot Fighting has you using gestures to control the robots when striking, moving into combos, and performing finishers.

    Chris Priestman

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