After a fifteen years, Sparkster, the opossum with a rocket pack, returns to consoles and the Kingdom of Zephyrus. He discovers his homeland is under attack from wolves and pigs, the enemies in Rocket Knight Adventures, are defending the town. Axel Gear, Sparkster’s old nemesis, also took the title of Rocket Knight in his absence.


The world may have gone topsy-turvy, but Rocket Knight sticks with the basics. Players fly with a jetpack, attack with a projectile shooting sword, and bounce off walls. Konami even made a classic mode where players run through the entire game without any continues. Too hardcore? Rocket Knight’s regular mode has a level select and save points.


Climax Group, the studio behind Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Sudeki, developed Rocket Knight for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. You can download Rocket Knight next week for $14.99 or 1,200 Microsoft Points next week.


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