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Rodea the Sky Soldier Shows More Boss Fights Against The Rival Characters



Rodea the Sky Soldier is releasing tomorrow in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS, and Kadokawa Games put together a last trailer that introduces us to the other “Sky Soldiers” of the game, known as the R-Series.



The video starts out showing bits of action from Rodea, and his aerial combat style. They then introduce the rival villains known as the “R Series” group. The green-haired R-1 is considered to be the Rodea’s evolved form, and uses a defensive barrier. He attacks using giant energy balls, so you’ll need to avoid them, find R-1, and use burst attacks to damage him up.


R-2 refers to Rodea as “R-0”. He was created to specialize in mid-air battles as a high-speed model. He has an even more powerful version of R-1’s barrier that does more damage. R-2 uses a beam that looks like spinning blades, which you’ll need to look out for. You’ll also need to do your best to keep an eye on him, as he’s a speedy one.


Finally, R-3 is the white-haired female Sky Soldier, and she seems to be more of a balanced form with everything from tricky maneuvers to an offense-based barrier to go with speedy beam attacks. She doesn’t leave too many openings, so you’ll need to take advantage of every opportunity you get.


Finally, gameplay part of the video ends with a look at a silhouette of the R-Series’ “perfect form” that appears in front of Rodea.


Rodea the Sky Soldier will release in Japan on April 2, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

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