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Rodea The Sky Soldier Screenshots Show More From The Mecha Empire Naga



After being asleep for 1,000 years, Rodea finds himself in a completely different world after being awakened by a young girl named Ion. 4Gamer shows a little more of this world in the latest screenshots for the game.


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The Machine Empire Naga is all about machinery, and they need something called “Gravity Energy” to keep everything running. They’re the main enemies of the game, and Rodea will have to find a way to fight them, with the help of his new friend Ion.



The above image shows Rodea in what appears to be Naga territory. He’ll take flight to take on enemies from the air, but Naga also have plenty of anti-aircraft weapons they’ll use in attempt to shoot him down.


Rodea was originally a personal guard for the imperial princess Cecilia, daughter of the Garuda emperor. She entrusted Rodea with her thoughts before evacuating him to safety and vanishing without being seen afterwards.


The former guard wakes up after his long sleep, confused without his memories intact and his right arm completely destroyed. This is where the mecha-curious Ion will help him remember his purpose, along with the events that unfolded in the past.



Additionally, Kadokawa are hosting the “Rodea: The Sky Experience Tour 2015 ~First~” on January 17, 2015, as the game’s first event, where 30 selected winners will get to experience the game’s first playable demo.


Rodea the Sky Soldier will release in Japan on April 2, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

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