ROM City Rampage Was Just The Start, Now Retro City Rampage Is Getting A Full MS-DOS Port



VBlank Entertainment has announced Retro City Rampage 486. It’s to be a full MS-DOS port of Retro City Rampage: DX. It’ll be free to anyone who owns Retro City Rampage on Windows or Mac.


As the name alludes to, Retro City Rampage 486 is designed to run on 486 PCs and requires 4MB of RAM and 3.7MB of HDD space. Impressive, considering that this is the entire game, including Story Mode, the Arcade Challenges, and Free Roaming.


“It proudly demonstrates once again that RCR isn’t yet-another-retro-styled game, but something that could’ve actually been released in 1989,” writes VBlank.


This isn’t the first time that VBlank has crunched Retro City Rampage down for an older system either. Previously, there existed a prototype that ran on the NES called ROM City Rampage. There’s a detailed video about how it was made.


As to Retro City Rampage 486, there’s no mention of when we can expect it to be available, but VBlank says that more details are yet to come.

Chris Priestman