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Romance In 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Makes Players More Powerful



Getting the chance to romance party members and NPCs in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD is quite a weird and unexpected thing. This is a game with custom characters, after all. It’s about going through dungeons, defeating dragons, and occasionally completing a supplemental quest on the side. Our characters have no default names and personalities. They’re empty slates. Yet, they’re still able to find love with many of the game’s most important characters.


Once you build the Skylounge, players will be able to start meeting with various party members and people from Nodens in this bar. At first, you’re limited in what can happen during these dates. You’ll sit and talk for a bit. Things remain very casual. As you advance through the story and build up the pub, you’ll get the opportunity to invite more people for a private moment and enjoy more intimate encounters. And when I say intimate, I mean intimate. Once you’ve been on a certain number of dates, you’ll spend some time “alone” with one of NPCs.



While you can spend time with fellow party members, you don’t get rewards as helpful from being with them. Affection will build between characters both by being on the same team in battle or from visits to the Skylounge. In each case, I noticed a greater frequency in better prepared bentos between characters with high levels of affection. Someone my lead party member was on the best terms seemed to provide High-Grade Bentos, which restore 120 life to all allies, more often.


Being with NPCs is far better. Many of these characters are linked to a specific class. For example, Brijilt is a Banisher, Eigur is a Rune Knight, and Sailas is a Mage. Maxing out the relationship gives you an incredible weapon tied to that class, as a memento of your time together. Brijilt gave me a Valiant Mk.III, which has +140 attack power and is described as “the strongest there will ever be.” Eigur’s Nynal Knife has attack +115 and magic attack +120. Sailas gives you Cage of Hearts, which has attack +81 and magic attack +116. You only get these items on the date, so savor these treasures and give them to your best warriors.



I did find some of the romances a bit strange. There are certain characters with whom pursuing a relationship should be a total conflict of interest. Based on interactions throughout the story, it seems like some people should be off the table. I’m specifically thinking of Eigur, Sailas, Brijilt, and Yoritomo when I write this. Yet, all of them can be romanced. Each one will offer the same sort of suggestive situation and script at the end of their date. While I appreciated the ability to acquire everything, I also would have liked to have seen certain routes be locked out if you went on a certain date.


But then, there’s also a certain comfort that comes from being able to get together with absolutely everyone, no matter what. These dates are opportunities. 7th Dragon III Code: VFD has an interesting supporting cast. These are characters you don’t get to spend much time without off the battlefield, Mio aside. Each date gives you a chance to do something different with them and learn about their origins. I especially enjoyed Nagamimi’s date, even though I’m not a fan of the characters, simply for the insight it provided.


The opportunity to get to know people in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD is an unexpected and delightful surprise. Rewarding too, since it can mean additional equipment that’s among the strongest in the game. Plus, you’re getting a chance to learn more about these characters, without being restricted by gender or the decisions you’ve made. It’s an enlightening and enjoyable extra.


7th Dragon III Code: VFD is immediately available for the Nintendo 3DS.

Jenni Lada
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