Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Maker Is Free-To-Play And Costs Money To Create

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Koei Tecmo has released an unorthodox Romance of the Three Kingdoms spin-off on Steam. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Maker, a collaboration between it and Kadokawa Games, allows people to create their own scenarios. It’s based upon the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms II, which was originally released on the Nintendo and Super Nintendo, but with updated graphics.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms Maker is available in two forms. If someone pays for the game, they are able to create their own scenarios. You can add your own pictures, create backstories, alter character names and parameters, change countries, determine rewards and titles, and completely customize the game. Once created, your custom scenario can be shared.


People who pick up the free version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms Maker are limited to enjoying other people’s creations. They can play any scenario someone else has already made and shared.


However, Romance of the Three Kingdoms Maker is completely in Japanese. There is no English language support. You’ll have to change some system settings, switching your region to Japan, in order to see the encoded text.


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Romance of the Three Kingdoms Maker is immediately available for Windows PCs. The full version is $9.99, and there are two Face CG add-ons for people who want a Neo Romance or Tecmo set.

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