Romance Spirits Of Revenge And Despair In Speed Dating For Ghosts



Phantoms of Despair and Sorrow still like a little company now and then in Speed Dating for Ghosts, a game of quick romantic conversations with the dead. 


Speed Dating for Ghosts offers ten ghosts (one of whom players can only meet through some real commitment), each having deep, branching conversations the player can have with them over the course of their short date. Depending on how these conversations with spirits of mischief, vengeance, compassion, and more go, players may find themselves moving onto a longer, more intimate date with them, or they may find themselves quickly pushed onto the next undead spirit.

Speed Dating for Ghosts offers an array of different personalities, from the charming and goofy to the unsettling and frightening, with each ghost possessing various traits that players will need to figure out. Their conversations, naturally, will be quite frank about being dead, dealing with death and its consequences in silly, as well as serious, ways.


Speed Dating for Ghosts is currently in development with no set release date, but interested players can sign up for a newsletter to keep up with its creation.

Alistair Wong
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