Fans of the original Romancing SaGa on the Super Famicom will soon get to relive its music and iconic scenes through the Romancing SaGa Original Soundtrack Revival Disc that releases on October 9, 2019.



For those of you unfamiliar with the Original Soundtrack Revival Discs, they’re new re-recordings of classic OSTs that feature memorable scenes from the game on the Blu-ray disc.



The album also includes MP3 files of the music tracks so you can listen to it on other devices.



Those who purchase first-print copies of the Romancing SaGa Original Soundtrack Revival Disc will get a bonus postcard to go with it. It will go for 5,000 yen and is currently available for pre-order at the Japanese Square Enix e-Store, Amazon Japan, and Sony Music Shop.


Romancing SaGa first released for the Super Famicom in January 1992.

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