Ronin Is A Stealth-Action Game Played By Turns



Devolver Digital has published Tomasz Wacławek’s turn-based action platformer Ronin on Steam Early Access for Windows.


It has you playing as a vengeful heroine as she hunts down five figures who are high up the chain of a corporation. The levels are 2D and tend to consist of multiple buildings with two or three floors – yes, it started off as a clone of Tom Francis’s 2D stealth-puzzler Gunpoint, as you can tell by the look.



As you leap, creep, and grapple hook across these buildings the action plays out in real-time. However, once you get into a conflict, the action is paused every second or so, giving you a chance to plan your moves, one at a time, as you attempt to dodge bullets and slice up your enemies with your katana.


You don’t have to head straight into a bloody battle, though. In fact, in some scenarios you may find yourself having to use your deadly razor wire to dispatch foes off unnoticed, or using your holographic projector to distract them while you sneak on by.



Ronin has 15 missions for you to complete. This is the complete game. And while it is in Early Access still, it’s expected to move out of it in a few weeks after some testing.

Chris Priestman