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Ronin’s Turn-Based Stealth Killing Is Coming To PS4, PS Vita



Devolver Digital announced that the turn-based action platformer Ronin will be heading to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in late 2015. It’s currently available for PC on Steam Early Access.


Ronin has you playing as a heroine looking for vengeance by assassinating five prominent figures of a corporation. Across its 15 missions you infiltrate buildings trying to avoid being spotted by hanging from ceilings, using razor wire to string people up to their death, and performing silent kills with a katana.


However, if you do get spotted – and you probably will, it seems – then you have supreme control over the action as it plays out a bit at a time. With the use of your grappling hook and holographic replicator you should be able to evade gunfire and confuse enemies while you make your escape too.

Chris Priestman