Room Escape Game’s Protagonist Doesn’t Know What A Fridge Is



The simplest of objects create confusion in Awareness Rooms, a room escape game where the heroine can’t even understand basic objects like refrigerators, tables, and couches at first.




When players first enter a room, all of the objects will be simple shapes. Through examining them and the room, as well as finding items and solving puzzles, the player will raise an ‘Awareness’ bar that clarifies the objects in the room as it fills. With heightened awareness comes a better ability to know what to do and find a means to escape the room.




The developer hoped to create a sense of confusion and curiosity by making even simple objects unknowable. In the same vein, they wanted the player to get a pleasant feeling of discovery as rooms came together, objects became clear, and the solution presented itself.




Awareness Rooms is available now on Steam and Playism.

Alistair Wong
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