This Room Will Kill You Offers Dozens Of Unsettling Ends For The Careless



This Room Will Kill You traps the players in a small area with only minutes to escape, letting them explore, make alliances with some shady people, solve puzzles, and tackle whatever they hope will get them out alive. Unfortunately, most of the time these actions will result in death.


This Room Will Kill You gives the player a few minutes to explore and take action, forcing them to make quick use of what little time they have. In those moments, players can work on talking to the other characters (although the game’s page says they are all liars), try to solve some of the game’s puzzles and ciphers, and work on finding the password that will open a door to escape.

Most actions, however small, can result in some dead characters, though. The room has been designed to be lethal in multiple ways, offering many ways to die, so players may find that many of their decisions will eventually lead to bloody ends. Experimenting with what players can do in this small space will lead to various endings and deaths, offering a reason to keep attempting the short title.


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Alistair Wong
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