Root Double: Before Crime * After Days Launches On Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight


Sekai Project has launched the Kickstarter to translate visual novel Root Double: Before Crime * After Days – Xtend Edition and bring it to PC. The game has also been put up on Steam Greenlight.


The funding goal of $135,000 will be used pay for licenses as well as porting and translation work. Sekai Project breaks the money down like this:


  • 10% goes to Kickstarter and card processing fees
  • 53% to Regista/Yeti for licensing the game, programming work to support English, and porting the Xtend Edition to PC
  • 27% to Lemnisca for translation and editing
  • 10% for shipping


Beyond the initial funding goal, there are three stretch goals:


  • $180,000 – A never-before-seen fanbook of the game will be released
  • $250,000 – The 6-episode Drama CD Beyond * BEYOND, based on the in-game magical girl anime, will be translated
  • $300,000 – The Xtend Edition’s audio drama “Before Days” and the drama CD “After Crime” will be translated 
Chris Priestman