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Root Double Gets PS Vita Tiers Added To Its Kickstarter


Sekai Project has managed to get approval from Sony, and developers Regista and Yeti, to bring visual novel Root Double: Before Crime * After Days – Xtend Edition to PlayStation Vita.


This means that PS Vita tiers have now been added to the visual novel’s Kickstarter campaign. It’s available for tiers at $225 or higher meaning that you’ll get a bunch of physical rewards alongside it.


The PS Vita version will be programmed by Regista and will apparently take at least a year “due to multiple factors.“ These factors are explained in full below.


Programming and licensing

“It is not a simple task of merely replacing the Japanese text with English text,” writes Sekai Project. “It is a matter of reformatting the entire engine to accommodate the English script.” This process requires full development from Regista with full QA support, and will also need re-licensed voices for a new region and porting.



“The second issue is that the game’s size exceeds the size limitations of PSVita’s physical medium (this was the case even with the Japanese version),” explains Sekai Project. “This means that we can only offer the PSVita version digitally, which for many is a non-issue, but for some let down in a Kickstarter campaign.”



“We want to guarantee this reward completely, since we worked very hard to get it added to the campaign,” writes Sekai Project. “Therefore, it has been placed at tiers $225 and up to ensure that the additional development funds are gathered rather than teasing a stretch goal only for it to potentially not get met, leaving no one happy. Other campaigns that offer PSVita versions as a pledge have often required an amount near 500k or so to help fund development.”

Chris Priestman