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Root Double’s Kickstarter Now Also Has A $99 PS Vita Tier



Sekai Project has added a new $99 PlayStation Vita tier to its Kickstarter to fund the western version of visual novel Root Double: Before Crime * After Days – Xtend Edition.


This comes a couple of days after the PS Vita rewards were added to the Kickstarter following the port’s approval by Sony. The initial tier was priced at $225, which is the money you’d have to put forward to get the PS Vita version of the game, along with other physical rewards.

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The reason for pricing the PS Vita version so high was “to assure that development can take place and bring the original dev team back to tackle the undertaking of inserting the increased English script,” according to Sekai Project.


However, after getting lots of support for the PS Vita version but some dismay at its high pricing, Sekai Project is now offering this new PS Vita tier at $99. For that, you get a digital download of the game for PS Vita as well as a Steam key so you can play it on PC.

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Sekai Project also reminds supporters that the PS Vita version of Root Double’s western version isn’t due to arrive for another year if it is successfully funded.


“As we explained last update, this is not a matter of simply putting text into an engine and calling it a day, so proper care and coding needs to take place to accommodate for the significantly increased script size that comes with the English localization,” Sekai Project said.

Chris Priestman