Rose Brings Tons Of Guns To The Beat ‘Em Up Action Of Elsworld Online



New character Rose brings four styles of guns and a new combat system to free-to-play beat ‘em up Elsworld Online.




Rose can work at a variety of ranges. Her basic revolver works at mid-range, as do her auto-guns, which fire faster but burn 2 MO at set intervals. She can also select her hand cannons for high damage but slow firing at that range. If she needs to keep her distance, she can use her musket.




Many of Rose’s powers use ECP points instead of MP, which is a unique combat system to her. Switching guns in mid-combo will also use these points, but players may wish to drain them, as emptying her ECP bar will activate Over Strike, which increases X-combo damages and Over Strike skills damages by 50%. She won’t be able to use her regular ECP-using skills while Over Strike is active, though.




Rose joins a cast of ten playable characters that players can evolve and upgrade through the quests and story of Elsworld Online. Players can choose to tackle dangers alone, together in parties of four, or fight each other in PvP combat. As they accrue victories, they’ll gain gear and new combo moves that use the game’s five button control scheme.

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