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Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight Gets Its First Screenshot



Nippon Ichi Software recently announced Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight by htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary director Masayuki Furuya, and Dengeki has provided us with a look at its first screenshot.


Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight will be an “escape action” title, where the protagonist, a girl named Rose, wakes up in a castle where time has stopped. She meets a mysterious giant, who she’ll team up with in order to make an escape from the old castle.



The game has a variety of events and story that revolves around the old castle, where picking the wrong choice could lead to a death trap that comes with their own painful death scenes for Rose.


Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight is said to appeal to those who enjoyed Firefly Diary and Night Watch,but it’s also aimed towards those who enjoy escape action games, along with some elements of horror and mystery.


You can read more about the game with comments from the director and his decision in making this game instead of a sequel for The Firefly Diary in our earlier report.


Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight will release in Japan on April 28, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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