RPG Deep Sky Derelicts Is A Sci-Fi Take On Darkest Dungeon


Deep Sky Derelicts draws from elements of Darkest Dungeon and XCOM, having players guide their chosen crew of scavengers through broken down starships, surviving deadly encounters with alien beings while searching for the treasures and useful items they need to grow and thrive.


Players will have access to an array of scavengers they can hire to work with them throughout Deep Sky Derelicts. The powers of this crew are dictated by the equipment they wear, with each piece offering several possible cards to use in the game’s turn-based combat. The randomness of which powers show up add some chaos to combat, but players can still strategize based on what abilities can possibly show up, allowing them to plan for dangers to a degree.

Like Darkest Dungeon and XCOM, Deep Sky Derelicts demands careful maneuvering from its players, as enemies will use intelligent tactics and fight ruthlessly. Also like Darkest Dungeon, players can return to a hub world in the form of the player’s home ship, where they can upgrade or hire new scavengers for a better chance at surviving the generated dungeons they battle through. The game also features a bleak story of the poor trying to rise up, and a Hellboy-inspired art style.


Deep Sky Derelicts is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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