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RPG Maker Fes Gets Its First Screenshots And Additional Details



Publisher Kadokawa Games recently revealed RPG Maker Fes, the latest of the RPG-making series. They also released new details and screenshots through Famitsu, showing us more of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title.




One of the main big features that RPG Maker Fes introduces is the “Maker Player,” a new feature that allows people without RPG Maker Fes to try out player-created games for free via the Nintendo eShop by simply downloading the Maker Player.


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Time and patience is certainly required to create maps, but RPG Maker Fes will make it a bit easier with plenty of preset material that can be used to create maps with just one touch. By using the game’s preset parts, you can create original builds and other detailed designs to come up with your own unique maps.



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The above images show how you’ll get to copy walls of homes and then use it to make your own buildings with your own touch, by making them taller or with extra parts.


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While looks and designs are important, having elements from RPGs is also just as important, such as enemies, maps, and events. In RPG Maker Fes, you’ll get to put everything together with ease using its improved interface. You’ll also get to check out events right after making them, so you can continue on your work with no stress.


RPG Maker Fes releases for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 24, 2016.

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