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RPG Maker Fes Goes Over World Building, Character Customization, And Event Settings



With RPG Maker Fes for the Nintendo 3DS, players are able to create as many as 16 RPGs and store them on their systems’ SD cards. Plenty of elements are customizable, and new details have been released going over all of the things people will be able to do when putting together their own maps, creating characters, and designing events.


One of the elements is map creation. RPG Maker Fes allows you to create multiple worlds for your characters go go through in the same game. Preset materials are available, to make it easy to find items you want or need, place them, and have an area ready to use.


While people will be using preset character art and sprites for the cast of their RPG Maker Fes games, plenty of other adjustments can be made. Set names, jobs, nicknames, and graphics for characters, as well as fill out descriptions. You can decide their starting equipment, stats, initial level, growth speed, skills, and even create deathblows with their own names, graphics, descriptions, effects, and other details.


Other details include the ability to hide secrets in your games and prepare scripted events. Collision judgments let you determine what can and can’t be passed through in the world. You could use this to provide access to secret rooms with new areas. Events can also be quite detailed, with the creator having ten commands. One of these lets you alter the status of characters, allowing you to level people up, heal them, hurt them, give them new skills, change their name or job, or even swap one party member for another. The variables and switches for such events can be set in the game, so you can ensure everything happens when you want it to.


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RPG Maker Fes will come to the Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe in Summer 2017. It will be available digitally and physically, as well as provide English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish language options.

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