The RPG Primer Is A Humorous RPG About A Sinister, Evil Tutorial



While most RPG heroes accept the tutorial as a necessary evil to learn the ropes in combat, the hero of The RPG Primer: A step-by-step GUIDE finds himself trapped in a never-ending teaching segment run by the evil GUIDE, a force that intends to keep him stuck learning the basics forever.


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The RPG Primer is a mixture of puzzle game and turn-based RPG, putting players in a series of different fights, each with their own mechanics that have been devised by GUIDE under the guise of ‘teaching’. The player will have to figure out how to best use the new abilities they gain in each battle quickly, as GUIDE has no intention of letting the player live through its tutorials.


GUIDE will not actually offer any useful advice in these segments, instead actively offering bad advice on how to survive them. Should players be able to see their way around GUIDE’s misdirection and use their environments and continually-evolving combat skills to survive, they may find out what has caused the creation of this lethal learning experience.


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The RPG Primer is raising votes on Steam Greenlight, and is looking to release in early 2017.

Alistair Wong
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