RPG Sword And Plow Turns Your Inventory Into Farmland



A dragon’s fiery breath may hurt the player’s health and hydration levels, but if they’ve been growing carrots, onions, and other veggies in their fertile inventory, they can heal through it in RPG Sword and Plow.


Sword and Plow has players exploring a dangerous land filled with goblins, ogres, and dragons, but with an armful of weapons, players should come out all right. Players can equip up to eight weapons at one time (or armor and other helpful items), being able to use them with the number keys so long as their cooldowns are complete. This allows the player to attack many, many times at once, which is useful as, if the player attacks just before or after the monster does, they will score a critical hit, rewarding good timing.

Extra equipment can be placed in the soil of the player’s inventory, letting them carry all manner of extra tools and goodies. Players can also plant seeds in their inventory as well, and while these take up a useful slot, they will also grow into healing veggies, allowing the player to cultivate an empowering garden from within their inventory screen.


Sword and Plow is available for free on

Alistair Wong
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