The team behind 8-bit survival horror story Catequesis have released a video that walks you around the first creepy areas of the game. It gives you a good idea of the game’s atmosphere without having to worry about anything jumping out at you.


If you can’t tell just by looking, Catequesis is a deliberate effort to recreate the feel of ‘90s RPGs, using the abstraction of big pixels to let your imagination flesh out its horrors, and allowing for the game’s story to take precedence.


Catequesis has been slowly pieced together over the course of two years, and so every inch of its world has been given plenty of love and attention, hence why its team released the new “walk around” video. It gives them a chance to show off the blood drenched corners and hidden dark passages of the world they’ve been creating, all of it lit by a mood-setting candle.


Once you actually get around to playing through these areas in the game itself, they’ll be filled with all sorts of horrific forms for you to contend with. The story makes it so. It’s about a guy called Daniel who goes to his girlfriend Sophie’s house to meet her parents for the first time.


As if that wasn’t awkward enough, Daniel is invited by Sophie and her suspicious neighbor Isabel to participate in a religious ceremony that will apparently free Sophie’s father from his incurable disease. As you might have guessed, everything goes rather pear-shaped as creatures from Japanese horror, Catholic religious traditions, and Lovecraftian demonic forces invade the house.


Catequesis is expected to release on Windows, Mac, and Linux in 2015, with an Android version arriving some time after that. There’s more information available on the game’s website.

Chris Priestman

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