Nintendo 3DS

Rumor: Bravely Second Switches Tomahawk With Cowboy Job Class In The West



A rumor from Destructoid has recently surfaced, showing that the “Tomahawk” job class from the Japanese version of Bravely Second has been replaced with a “Cowboy” class for the game’s release in the West.


Although Nintendo and Square Enix have yet to make any comment regarding the possible change, the image above is rumored to have originated at a Spanish store and gives us a look at the new appearance of the job class.


Note: the top image shows Amy, the Tomahawk Asterisk holder on the right, and Magnolia in what appears to be the changed “Cowboy” outfit. Here’s a look at the original image that gives us a better picture of the two for comparison:




Bravely Second: End Layer will release on the Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe in Q1 2016.