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Run A Baby Dino Daycare In Me And My Dinosaur



Me And My Dinosaur’s main focus is its 2D puzzle platforming with Hunter and his pet T-Rex, but players will also be able to collect dinosaur eggs and raise the cute creatures within should the game meet its Kickstarter goals.




Hunter’s parent don’t understand his dinosaur friend, and not all of the townsfolk appreciate having him around, so the boy runs away with his big green pal in Me And My Dinosaur. His journey will take him across 30 various stages, taking the duo to forests, deserts, cities, and laboratories.




The game’s puzzles stem from the pair’s differing abilities. At the start, Hunter can move, jump, and get on Rex’s back. Rex is invulnerable, but can’t jump or get into tight spaces. Over time, more abilities will be added in the form of Dino Treats, which can be found in chests during the game. These will make Rex spit fireballs, let Hunter lead the dinosaur with a bone, or get him to leap up high.




Hidden deep within the game’s worlds are 28 eggs that hatch into various baby dinosaurs. These eggs will go into a daycare where the player can raise them by feeding them Dino Chow, which is made from ingredients you unlock by playing minigames with the babies.




The game is set to release on PC and PS4 in early 2017. On top of its Kickstarter campaign, the game is also seeking Greenlight votes.

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