Runner game EarthNight was shown off at E3, and it’s all about running on the backs of dragons.



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The hand-painted rogue-like will let players run freeform across the undulating backs of dragons who have exiled the world to outer space. As Stanley and Sydney, you’ll try to take as many of them out as you can on your jaunt to try to return to the surface.

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These dragons come from all mythologies, so it seems, as we spotted what appears to be a Chinese-style stone dragon alongside more Western counterparts. When you’re finished with one dragon, you’ll skydive to the next, which, said devs Cleavesoft, acts as a kind of “living level select”.


Screenshot 2014-02-21 18.00.16 Screenshot 2014-02-21 17.54.10

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Your goal is to collect as much loot as possible from the detritus gathering on the backs of these beasts before selling it off to upgrade yourself. The entire game is controlled with two buttons, with both characters having different playstyles.


EarthNight is headed to Sony’s PlayStation 4 later this year and Vita in 2015, as well as iOS, Android, PC and Mac.


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