Run For Money & Battle For Money’s 3DS Games Are Getting Remastered On Switch This Winter

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The Run for Money game that released in 2015 and the Battle for Money game from 2016, both on 3DS, will be getting a remaster on Nintendo Switch as a double pack this winter in Japan.


In case you’re not too familiar with either, here’s a brief recap on what the games based on the game shows are about:


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Run for Money is kind of like a big game of hide-and-seek with tag, where players take on the role of a “runner” who gets chased by the Agent Smith-looking “Hunters,” and these guys can run fast. The goal is to survive until the very end to take home the cash prize.




Next up, we have Battle for Money. This game starts out with a number of players that all have the same amount of money. This is kind of a free-for-all dodge ball game where players defeat other players by hitting them with a ball to eliminate and take their money; however, they can also use some of that money to hire ninjas as bodyguards to help take out rivals.


Run for Money Tsochuu: Escape from the Greatest Hunters of History released on 3DS as well as an English version that came out for smartphones. Battle for Money, on the other hand, saw two Nintendo 3DS games with Sentouchuu: Survival Battle with the Legendary Ninjas and Super Battle for Money: The Ultimate Ninja and Battle Player’s Top Decisive Battle!





The Super Run for Money & Battle for Money Double Pack includes both games (with the second Battle for Money game) for Nintendo Switch, and it includes some updated features for Switch such as maps, characters, and movies with improved graphics.



There’s also a new split-screen multiplayer that allows you to compete or cooperate with up to four players with a Joy-Con for each player.


We’ll get a closer look including a new trailer sometime soon.


Super Run for Money & Battle for Money Double Pack launches for Nintendo Switch this winter in Japan.

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