Run-‘N’-Gun Platformer Cally’s Caves 3 Brings Ninja Bears To Steam


VDO Games is bringing its 2D run-‘n’-gun platformer Cally’s Caves 3 to PC after releasing it on smartphone. It’s available on Steam.


You play as the titular young girl, Cally, as she sets out to retrieve her kidnapped parents from her arch-enemy Herbert. He’s also taken over the Caves where he intends to perform is wicked experiments.


Crucial to succeeding is for Cally to learn new abilities, like Triple Jump, Dodge Roll, and Water Wings. She’ll also need to find new weapons and upgrade them to their most devastating forms.


Plus, there’s a second playable character who helps Cally out. She’s called Bera and is a ninja bear that is used to solve some of the game’s challenging puzzles. Cally’s Caves 3 also has a wave-based Survival mode and New Game+ to beat.


You can also download it for iOS on the App Store as well as Android on Google Play.

Chris Priestman