Run The Risk Of Infection In This All-Girls Versus Zombies Tactics Game



Someday soon, the zombie craze will be over and we can all go back to other forms of clichés. That day isn’t today, though, which is why there’s an all-girl versus zombie hordes PC browser game in Infection X Girl: Café Of The Dead.


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In the game, the world has predictably gone to zombie hell. All that’s left are plucky woman with weapons, trying to survive. The game’s a cross of social card game and a tactical RPG. Ladies you save get into set formations on your three by three grid and fight the undead.



The twist is that it appears in order to survive, you’ll be able to find and create medicines from dubious materials, such as the zombies themselves. While your gals are immune to the airborne version of the zombie plague, they’ll still turn if bitten in some fashion. The medicine is supposed, in some way, to help. If you dare that is. You’ll also have to wander the map to forage for food and other supplies.


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You’ll be able to level the girls up, equip better gear, and go exploring in the world. Since this is an online browser game, there’s also a chat room to discuss tactics and such with other players.


Infection X Girl: Café Of The Dead is out now on PC.