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Runbow Is The Biggest Couch Multiplayer Game On The Wii U



Part of Nintendo’s indie line up at GDC, Runbow is a Wii U action party game heading for up to nine players with a vibrant 60s-style poster art aesthetic.


It’s a platformer played at running speed and it uses its bold and bright colors as part of its central mechanic. Quite simply, if you can’t see something, i.e. a platform or an obstacle, due to it blending in with the background color (essentially becoming camouflaged) then it doesn’t exist.


Playing in a group, you can have a number of racers competing head-to-head, while one person gets the title of “ColourMaster.” This person uses the Wii U GamePad to control the layout of colors and obstacles around the track. You can get up to mischief in this position, then.


Run Footage.mp4.Still005

There are other game modes (seven in total) to try out in multiplayer such as The Rainbow Run, King of the Hill, and Arena. There are single player options too, including The Bowhemoth, which is a tough platforming challenge that lasts for 30 minutes or longer.


There are also hundreds of challenges to beat, unlockable costumes including Pirate, Zombie, and Ninja, as well as special guest characters yet to be announced. You can find out more about Runbow on its official website.

Chris Priestman