RunGunJumpGun Aims To Push Your Run-‘N’-Gun Skills To The Limit

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RunGunJumpGun may only require you to use two buttons but it looks to be absolutely brutal. And colorful too. You can’t ignore those vibrant colors.


It’s a fusion of traditional and helicopter-style platforming with a large gun at its center. The idea being that your gun is so powerful it can lift you up off the floor and help you cross chasms. However, you can’t have your gun pointed down at all times, as enemies will appear in front and need to be shot.

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You can see the dilemma, then. You have to constantly balance shooting down to raise the survivor over spikes, saws, and gaps but also concentrate on destroying enemies at the same time. And the survivor auto-travels at a fast pace so you don’t have much time to think.


There’s a story being told here in between all the chaos. Something about a hostile galaxy that’s so dangerous no one can survive. Apart from you. If you’re able to keep up, that is. Why you’re running through these dangerous planets? No idea.

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You can vote for RunGunJumpGun on Steam Greenlight. It should be coming out for PC in early 2016.

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