We recently had the chance to speak with Gaijin Games founders, Alex Neuse and Mike Roush, about their upcoming sequel to running-platformer, Bit. Trip Runner, titled Runner 2. During our chat, Neuse revealed to us that the game is being considered for release on PlayStation Vita.


Runner 2 is being published on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network (for PlayStation 3) by Aksys Games, but Gaijin plan to publish the Wii U version of the game themselves.


“The original Runner 2 plan was to release on PSN and XBLA, and Aksys were up for it,” Neuse shared. “We asked if they wanted to be involved with the Wii U and Vita versions, and they said, ‘Not really…’ It’s just as simple as that, they just weren’t really into it, and that’s fine. So we decided to do it on our own!”


“I didn’t know there was a Vita version,” I replied.


“We’re not sure if there will be, but if there will be, we’ll probably be doing it,” Neuse answered. Mike Roush added with a laugh: “We are telling everyone that there is going to be.”


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