lbpmoveAren’t a fan of Sports Champions, but interested in PlayStation Move? Sony Computer Entertainment America announced a new hardware bundle that includes the PlayStation Eye, Move, navigation controller, and LittleBigPlanet2 Special Edition.


This version of the game includes the downloadable Toy Story level pack and costume packs, all of the pets costumes (cats, dogs, plus even more animals), and LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling where players can save Sackland from… an evil cake. LittleBigPlanet2 Special Edition will also retail as a separate game on November 15 along with the hardware bundle. Sony didn’t mention a price for the hardware bundle, but it appears the package will retail for $99.99 according to Amazon.


LittleBigPlanet fans can pick up an Uncharted 3 costume next week…


lbpuc3 lbp2uc3a


… and a birthday cake outfit costume. The item, which celebrates LittleBigPlanet’s third birthday, will be free, but only available on PlayStation Network from November 1st to November 8th.


lbpb lbp2b2

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