Sacrifice Your Friends To An Elder God In This One-Button Fighting Game

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Gurgamoth Lives is a one-button local multiplayer aerial fighting game in which you compete to sacrifice your friends to the elder god Gurgamoth.


It plays a bit like a deadly game of bumper cars. The arena where all the action takes place is surrounded by spikes that will kill anyone who touches them instantly. The idea is to push your friends into those spikes while avoiding them yourself.


Each player can fly around but the move everyone will be using is the dash. But it’s a double-sided knife. You’ll want to dash into opponents to push them into the walls. But if you miss then you’re going to be left vulnerable as you hurtle towards the spikes yourself.


As you can imagine, matches are over very quickly – in less than 10 seconds, typically. If it goes on much longer then the arena’s walls start to pull in closer so that there’s less room to move around. It should make for frantic, quickfire competition.

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Anyway, the last person alive not only wins but they get to summon the elder god itself. Gurgamoth Lives has full controller support and will be launching for PC later this year. You can vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

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