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SaGa 2015’s Battle System Will Be Different From Past SaGa Games



Square Enix and SaGa series creator Akitoshi Kawazu are currently working on the latest entry of the series, currently with the working title of SaGa 2015 for PlayStation Vita. Kawazu recently tweeted some details for the upcoming game’s battle system.


Here’s what he said: “SaGa 2015 will have all kinds of battle elements. I believe that elements that were used in SaGa such as ‘battle formation,’ ‘cooperation,’ and ‘flash’ will not be a point of focus this time around.”


“As long as it’s new and fun, I believe anything can be added to the game.. However, the ‘new’ part is what is difficult.”


If you’re confused about the “flash” part that Kawazu mentioned in the tweet, it’s a feature that was in the Romancing SaGa games that allowed party members to learn new techniques mid-battle, which was characterized by the light bulb over the character’s head.


Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that these features won’t be in SaGa 2015, but that they won’t be the main focus. Going by Kawazu’s tweet, he’s looking to add new elements to the game. He also recently mentioned that SaGa 2015 will have multiple protagonists among other tidbits, but so far it seems like we could end up with a game that is quite different from past games of the series as far as battles go.


SaGa 2015 is in development for PlayStation Vita. Meanwhile, FuRyu and a team of former Square developers are working on a spiritual successor to the SaGa series, titled The Legend of Legacy, for 3DS. You can see some of the familiar SaGa-esque traits of that game in this post.

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