SaGa Creator Says To Wait A Little Longer For Details On The 25th Anniversary Game



This December, the SaGa series celebrates its 25th anniversary, and series creator Akitoshi Kawazu announced a few months ago that he hopes to announce a new game within the next two years.


Kawazu recently shared an update on Twitter for fans waiting on new details for the upcoming game announcement.


Game Jouhou reports that Kawazu previously said “Please wait until the end of Spring for details regarding the SaGa series’ [new] game. My apologies,” on Twitter back in February. Now that the Summer is near, he recently shared an update about his previous statement.



“Although I said ‘near the end of Spring,’ it’s already June now, and we’ve yet to announce anything,” Kawazu tweeted. “We’re experiencing various delays, and I apologize. We’re moving forward little at a time, so please wait just a little longer.”


Square Enix also celebrated the SaGa series earlier this year with a collaboration project with Saga prefecture of Japan, where we got to see series illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi work her magic with her artwork on traditional Saga-style porcelain plates.


More details on the new Saga game will likely be shared sometime this Summer.

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