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SaGa: Scarlet Grace Introduces Its Four Protagonists, Exploration, Battle System, And More



We finally got to see some new footage of Square Enix’s upcoming PS Vita RPG, SaGa: Scarlet Grace, and we got new details on the game’s four protagonists in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima.]


In SaGa: Scarlet Grace, we’ll have four protagonists with different personalities and all in their own situations. The player will get to choose one of the four, and go on an adventure in the world, and the story is vastly different depending on which character gets chosen.


Here are some details on the four protagonists. You can also get a look at the four in the TGS 2016 trailer below:



  • Urpina: A young lady with a cheerful personality, who can be a bit airheaded at times but has a strong sense of Justice. Born to the noble house of warriors, known as the Uranius, who are experts at the arts of dual-wielding swords that she has yet to master.


  • Leonard: A farmer who is skilled with various farming tools and other tools. HE’s difficult to approach, and isn’t one of many words. One day, after hearing a woman from the village who passed out saying “to Ai-Khanoum,” he sells his land and makes his way towards the legendary city, Ai-Khanoum,” on her behalf.


  • Taria: A woman of ceramic arts. While working on her ceramics, she senses distortions going on in the world, which have been causing distortions in her own work. She decides to face those distortions by going out on a journey to find out more on its cause and origin.


  • Balmaint: A courtroom’s executioner. He carried out the executions for the Cohan Castle administrator Sigfrey, who has given the sentence to many people. And after Sigfrey was arrested by an opposing political leader, he, too, was executed by the hands of Balmaint. Prior to being executed, Sigfrey had a prophecy—“I will revive seven times, and justice will be carried out.” Balmaint will go on a journey to decapitate Sigfrey seven times.


The game features a free world system, where you’ll get to decide on how to travel and explore the map. There are thousands of events prepared, and the choices you make will have a huge impact on what happens. There aren’t any dungeons in the game, but various things happen on the world map instead.


As for the battles, everything follows a timeline. The timeline that is shown on the bottom part of the screen shows the order of actions, including a look at what kind of actions the enemies will take. Parties consist of up to five members, and BP that is shared among them recovers on each turn.


Depending on character placements, you’ll get various status increases and buffs. There’s a total of nine weapon varieties. The weapons all have their ups and downs, and the characters will get to use each weapon. The “Tech Spark” system will also be in the game.


During the interview with SaGa creator Akitoshi Kawazu, he shared some other interesting tidbits:


  • A single playthrough will take anywhere between 30 to 60 hours.


  • The part about the story being vastly different for each character is similar to SaGa Frontier.


  • You’ll have over six allies at the start. All characters you meet in the story can become an ally as well.


  • Characters won’t go away when their LP hits 0.


  • While there aren’t any plans for a demo, they may host a demonstration event.


SaGa: Scarlet Grace releases in Japan on December 15, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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