Sakura Clicker Has You Defeating Monster Women With Your Mouse


The next entry in Winged Cloud’s Sakura series isn’t a visual novel as the others are. Far from it. In fact, it’s called Sakura Clicker and, yep, it’s what some people might call a clicker RPG.


What you have to do is defeat “hordes of enemies” by clicking on them rapidly. These enemies aren’t your normal fare. They are buxom women in revealing clothes. Yep. One of the listed features of the game is that it has over 800 different moans from the “monsters” as you click on them.




The more women that you defeat the more money you earn. With this, you can buy new costumes for your character as well as hire heroes to help you in your quest. You can also purchase a school outfit, striped bikini, and a hairstyle pack as DLC.


You can download Sakura Clicker for free on Steam right now.

Chris Priestman