Sakura Dungeon Lets You Capture Monster Girls To Bolster Your Party



Players can get help from the monster girls that wander the dungeon of Sakura Dungeon, capturing them and adding them to their party for the game’s combat.




Players act as Yomi, an ancient fox spirit, one whose dungeon has been stolen from her after a hundred-year slumber. Having lost her powers as well, she turns to the heroic knight who woke her from her sleep, convincing them to help her retake her deadly home.




Players will explore the dungeon in first-person, finding loot, traps, and trouble with monster girls along the way. They’ll be able to recruit those monster girls as well, using the game’s capture system to build up a party of up to six combatants. Players can also choose just how hard of a time they want to have in these depths with three available difficulty levels.



Sakura Dungeon is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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