Sakura Gamer Has Players Seeking True Love While Developing A Game



Nekohime gave up on her dreams of being a game developer, but when her childhood friend Clover introduces her to Suki, a flirtatious artist, she may find her motivation again in visual novel Sakura Gamer.


Sakura Gamer follows these three women through their adventures together, with Nekohime being able to program, Clover providing music, and Suki creating art for their planned game. However, they will have to deal with each others’ varied personalities and quirks along the way, with players helping make decisions that will hopefully lead to them making a game and achieving Nekohime’s dream.

Player decisions will have an effect on Sakura Gamer’s ending, exploring some romantic options between the three women as well as how the story wraps up.


Alistair Wong
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