Sakura Wars Series Reaches New Milestone of 4 Million Units Shipped in Japan

Sakura Wars Series

Sega announced that the Sakura Wars series has shipped over four million units in Japan. The milestone announcement comes a day after the release of Project Sakura Wars in Japan.

The Sakura Wars series, created by Oji Hiroi, released its first title Sakura Wars in Japan as Sakura Taisen for the Sega Saturn. The story follows a military unit called the Imperial Assault Force dedicated to defending Tokyo from supernatural threats.

The game stood out as an original Sega Saturn title that recorded excellent sales numbers. It won the CESA Grand Prize (then GOTY-like award in Japan) in 1996. From there it saw a number of releases, a TV anime, an animated film, manga, stage play, and more.

Sakura Wars Series

As for the recently released Project Sakura Wars, it is the sixth entry in the series. It is also the series’ first entry in about 14 years.  The previous entry Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love which released for PlayStation 2 in Japan in July 2005.

Project Sakura Wars is now available for PlayStation 4 in Japan, Spring 2020 in the West. Check our previous report for its Season Pass and DLC schedule. Check here for more on its upcoming anime and stage play. Lastly, read highlights from a recent interview with the developers here.


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