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Salty Hounds Otome PC and Switch RPG Kickstarter Funded

Salty Hounds Otome PC and Switch RPG Kickstarter Funded

Within a day of the debut for the Topping Palette Kickstarter for its PC and Switch otome RPG Salty Hounds, the game ended up funded. As of 10am ET on March 23, 2022, over $14,500 had been raised by over 300 people. The goal was to initially get $11,026. The game is expected to release in English and Korean on PCs and the Switch in December 2022. Mobile versions are also expected.

Here’s a brief trailer showing how Salty Hounds will work. As you manage the security agency you’re suddenly in charge of, you’ll need to improve your avatar’s stats, handle the company, manage your employees and their missions, and also perhaps date the bodyguards Junho, Noru, Seha, Taemin, and Yujin. You can both call and text the love interests, though doing so at odd hours will prompt them to react. They’ll also similarly respond differently based on your potentially positive or negative choices, choice to romance multiple characters, and if they are exhausted or sick. The video shows different locations, what it’s like to meet love interests when on dates, and hearts will fill based on responses.

Here are the voice actors for it.

  • Junho: Lee Juchang
  • Noru: Ryu Seunggon
  • Seha: Son Suho
  • Taemin: Shim Gyuhyuk
  • Yujin: Jang Sungho

Within the first 48 hours of launch, pledging about $20 gets people an Early Bird Trainee Pack pledge level that guarantees a PC or Switch code for the Salty Hounds otome RPG. That won’t be available after March 24, 2022. After that, the normal Trainee Pack will be about $21 and offer a code. Both of those tiers also include a Golden Statue decoration for the player’s home. At the about $36 tier Senior Agent Pack, people get the Special Phone Calls DLC, an art book and commentary, beta access to the game, and Kickstarter exclusive Lovely Pets Set of two cats for a home.

Salty Hounds is live on Kickstarter until April 23, 2022, and the pledge levels suggest the PC and Switch versions will appear in December 2022. A mobile release was also mentioned.

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