Samsara: Lost Soul Takes Players To A Hell Inspired By Chinese Folklore



Bai can only remember that he was murdered when he awakens in the Red Lotus Hell, and that he must make his way back to his father and sister. This journey will force him to fight monsters and deadly creatures of Chinese myth in Samsara: Lost Soul, a sidescrolling ARPG.




Samsara: Lost Soul will have players fighting their way through a realm of fire and pain, finding various weapons to use against the folkloric monsters that try to block their way. Each of the game’s multiple weapons has strengths and weaknesses against specific foes, so it will be up to the player to learn which work best in a given combat situation.


As players win fights, they’ll draw souls from fallen monsters, and the more of these they have, the more damage they’ll do. They drop half of their accrued souls upon death, however, so the benefits they gain must be guarded carefully. Players can also channel these souls into Essences that will let them upgrade their weapons, too, so players will want to be especially careful to hoard as many souls as they can.




Samsara: Lost Soul’s art style was inspired by the Chinese opera art of Shadow Play, giving it a look to match the stories and myths that it draws from for its narrative and setting.


Samsara: Lost Soul is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight, and will be available in English and Chinese upon release.

Alistair Wong
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