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Samurai Shodown Reveals Giant Saw-Wielding Sailor Darli Dagger As Its First Newcomer



SNK unveiled a brand-new character for its upcoming Samurai Shodown game at PAX East 2019 this weekend, and her name is Darli Dagger, a giant saw-wielding sailor and shipwright.


You can check out the Darli Dagger reveal at the 50:20 mark of the video. She is the first of three new characters that will be introduced in Samurai Shodown, she’s described as “a very powerful character, the most badass sailor and shipwright to ever sail the seven seas.”


Unlike some other characters in the series, Darli is not based off a historical figure, instead being a sailor and shipwright original character. The development team focused a lot on how she fights, and apparently there are a few secrets with her saw weapon that haven’t been revealed yet. She also has “something special” when she’s been disarmed. Darli’s apparently really popular with the development team.


Her saw weapon has a few secrets that have yet to be revealed, but we’ll be learning more about her. She’s also very popular with the development team.


When asked whether Samurai Shodown will have a guest character, like many fighting games today, producer Yasuyuki Oda answered that they are considering it, and are waiting for other companies to propose it. “I’m waiting, Harada-san!”, joked Oda.


Samurai Shodown releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One in June 2019, Nintendo Switch in Q4 2019, and PC later.

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