Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru Found In Battle Arena Game



Battle arena game Lost Saga has added another crossover character to its list with Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru. Players can purchase a 30 hour or permanent version of him to play in the 3D brawler.


Lost Saga’s free-form brawler style has players running around a 3D arena and then trying to beat each other up. The twist is that players can swap characters anytime during a fight. If you’re playing the melee-favoring Haohmaru therefore, you might want to roster in a ranged fighter such as Blazblue’s Rachel (Who’s also in the game) to even out your disadvantages.


Haohmaru has some fun abilities though should he get in close, including a Sake Jug attack where he bashes an unwary foe with a jug of alcohol. As befits a melee character, he also has a mean counter-block and knock back skill in Weapon Destroyer Ougi, which can then chain into Tenhaseiouzan’s multi-slash attack. You can see a mini animated Flash version of his moves here.


Lost Saga is out now on PC.