Samurai Warriors 4 Asks Why Footsoldiers Even Show Up At These Fights

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Samurai Warriors continues its tease with even more gameplay videos of the playable characters within the game, this time focusing on the game’s seemingly uncanny ability to have footsoldiers line up in neat lines and groups for players to simply chew through. One wonders if war was ever truly like that in the past why any peasant would dare show their face for battle…



Totally fictional but totally energetic, the fictional Kuniochi is back again and ready to look cute and dapper while slicing everything up with a hop, skip and a jump.



Wielding a chain-segmented sword that acts as a retractable whip, the lady Kai is a bit of a mystery on whether her deeds were true or not.


Kotaro Fuma:

The supposed leader of the Fuma ninja clan is a top class man, able to instantaneously teleport short distances while slashing all who oppose him.


Ujiyasu Hojo:

He counts Kai as one of his most trusted soldiers, and was once called the “Fool of Sagami”. They aren’t laughing now.


Takeda Shingen:

The Tiger of Kai is classically painted as a master strategist and one of the more prominent and well-known leaders during the Warring periods. And it shows. He’s reported to have taken on the Fuurinkazan fully, and his special move reflects that with a four-element attack.


Samurai Warriors 4 will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Vita March 20th in Japan.

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